LGBTQ+ Resource Library

LGBTQ+ Resource Library

Listed on this page are a variety of vetted resources intended to help increase knowledge for caregivers, service providers and youth about the LGBTQ+ experience and the importance of safe and affirming systems of care. 

CCYJ Resources

Reports produced by CCYJ to support the need for centering LGBTQ+ youth’s experiences in systems of care. 

CCYJ Training Resources

Linked below are the handouts and slides needed for two of our training sessions. 

Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth in Systems of Care:

Talking to Youth about SOGIE:

Additional Training Resources

Reports and Literature

This list includes information to support service providers in advocating for LGBTQ+ youth.

For LGBTQ+ Youth

Listed below are some resources that can be shared with young people directly to support their coming out process, understanding their identities, knowing their rights as an LGBTQ+ person and supporting their mental health. 

Youth & Family Support

A few resources and organizations that help families increase their understanding and acceptance of their LGBTQ+ child.

Storytelling Resources

A few links to resources designed to assist LGBTQ+ youth sharing their own stories to help advocate for greater acceptance and understanding.