Board of Directors

The Board of Directors supports the work of CCYJ and provides mission-based leadership and strategic governance. Board members serve as trusted advisors to the President and ambassadors for CCYJ in the community.

Evan Shapiro, Board Chair
Davis Wright Tremaine LLP, PartnerMegan Wells, Vice Chair
Ankura, Managing Director

Mark Maleng, Board Secretary
Trident Seafoods, Regional Sales Manager

Pepper Austin, Treasurer
Andersen Tax LLC, Director

Jon Bridge
Ben Bridge Jeweler, Chairman/Counsel Emeritus

Maryann Crissey
Banner Bank, Senior Vice President

Dr. Ben Danielson
Clinical Professor, University of Washington

Shawna Deane
Innovative Interfaces, Senior Corporate CounselEllen Dial
Perkins Coie, Partner (ret.)

Robert Flennaugh II
Law Offices of Robert Flennaugh II PLLC, Owner

Judge Bonnie Glenn
Washington State Office of Administrative Hearings, Administrative Law Judge

Kristen Howell
Crowdstreet, Inc., General Counsel

Davina Inslee
Global Health Labs, General Council

Sarah Shaikh
Assistant Professor of Accounting, University of Washington

Dan Shih
Susman Godfrey LLP, PartnerRachel Sottile
CCYJ President & CEO

Jen Temple
Head of Communications, Canexia Health

Barney Voegtlen
Medical Director & Physician, Kitsap Children’s Clinic

Judge Anne Levinson (ret.), Board Member Emeritus
Judge (ret.), Seattle Municipal Court


Meet our Board of Directors and learn why they joined the CCYJ Board.

Pepper Austin
Managing Director, Andersen
Children are our most vulnerable and blameless population. I joined CCYJ because it focuses on up-stream tactics that help limit the number of children who enter the foster care and juvenile justice system. CCYJ also works with local governments, schools and parents to initiate changes that will better these systems.


Jon Bridge
Chairman/Counsel Emeritus, Ben Bridge Jeweler
I have always harbored a life obligation to make the world just a little bit better. The way to do that is to protect and nurture our youth – – the generation to come, to make sure that those who are left behind and unsheltered are given the same opportunities and safety as those whose parents can care for them. CCYJ is designed to help those youth by modifying the systems that we live under to serve our foster youth, our LBTQ and transgender young people and those that are trafficked and manipulated improperly. CCYJ was founded by my better half, Bobbe Bridge to do just that, and I’m proud to support and be part of the organization.


Maryann Crissey
Senior Vice President, BANNER BANK, Seattle Corporate Banking
CCYJ means a lot to me – being part of the founding group to make a difference in the lives of children has been a highlight of my career.


Benjamin Danielson
Clinical Professor, University of Washington
CCYJ cherishes youth, cherishes all youth; particularly the youth most impacted by our harmful systems. CCYJ doesn’t shy away from the complexity of contexts that lead to this harmful impact. And, CCYJ unequivocally names the fundamental role racism plays in causing harm to youth. CCYJ knows that those most impacted have the best solutions for changing our systems for the better. CCYJ has the inspiring audacity to bridge gaps in our shared understanding – as well as gaps in our complicated systems – to help make sure youth who have faced much hardship see and can attain a bright, fulfilling future.


Shawna Deane
Senior Corporate Counsel, Innovative Interfaces
I joined CCYJ to help change the experiences of young people in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems to meet their unique needs. Foster and homeless children, LGTBQ children, and other marginalized communities all experience these systems differently and CCYJ seeks to change the systems with data driven analysis to find innovative solutions that work to meet these needs and advocate for policy change to address the root causes of children and youth entering these systems. When children and families can thrive, the whole community benefits.


Ellen Dial
Partner, Perkins Coie (ret.)
CCYJ’s mission inspires me. It supports our most vulnerable children, seeking to make sure that they have what they need in order to thrive. It has a proven track record of making a positive difference in children’s lives. And it has visionary leadership that won’t stop until all children are embraced and supported by our community.


Davina Inslee
General Counsel, Global Health Labs
I have two children and I wish that all children have the same opportunities to develop and grow as my own. I am involved with CCYJ because its mission and work is directly impacting the ability for our most vulnerable children to receive those opportunities.


Mark Maleng
Regional Sales Manager, Trident Seafoods
My Dad’s mission and goal was to prevent kids from entering the criminal justice system so they could have the opportunity to reach their full potential. I joined CCYJ’s board to honor my Dad’s dream. The work CCYJ does on systems reform helps at-risk children and youth avoid the criminal justice system while also providing them the resources, support system, tools, and guidance they need to navigate this complex world.


Sarah Shaikh
Assistant Professor of Accounting, University of Washington
My “why”: As I have aged, I have increasingly recognized the long-lasting impact of childhood experiences – both positive and negative – on my self-confidence and how I view and interact with others. I am a Board member at CCYJ because I want to support any and all work that seeks to: 1) mitigate children’s exposure to painful situations and 2) support and build children up as respected and valued members of society.


Dan Shih
Partner, Susman Godfrey LLP
CCYJ is focused on improving outcomes for the most vulnerable populations: youth in the juvenile justice and foster care systems or at immediate risk of entering those systems. These kids have so much potential, and we as a society need to do much better for them. I’m involved with CCYJ because we are focused on making the maximum impact by improving, reforming, and rethinking approaches to give these at-risk kids the foundation they need to thrive.


Jen Temple
Head of Communications, Canexia Health
My mom was in the child welfare system. I am all too familiar with the pain of broken bonds. I don’t want any child to go through this. I’m involved with CCYJ because the heart of its work, with partners, is helping kids stay out of systems in the first place.


Barney Voegtlen
Medical Director and Physician, Kitsap Children’s Clinic
For 40 years I have worked as an independent private pediatrician and have repeatedly been frustrated by my lack of ability to find ways to make permanent institutional changes. There are unlimited numbers of situations where my patients and their families have been underserved due to bureaucratic barriers put up by DSHS, the foster system, public school districts, local law enforcement and local courts. Efforts to work with my local school district and my public health department have solved some problems but they are rarely permanent solutions. I hope that my participation with CCYJ will lead to some of those permanent solutions.


Megan Wells
Managing Director, Ankura
When I initially talked to Justice Bridge before I joined the board, I told her that I have a son on the autism spectrum, so I know what it is like to advocate for someone that doesn’t always have his own “voice.” Many of the children we serve don’t have an advocate, and that is where CCYJ comes in. It is important work to give these kids a voice, and I am proud to do it.