Kitsap County Girls Court

Kitsap County Girls Court
Washington State’s 1st Therapeutic Court Model for Girls

What is Girls Court?
“Girls Courts” are therapeutic court models designed to provide gender-responsive services to court-involved girls. CCYJ has researched, designed, and planned for the past 18 months, in partnership with Kitsap county,  to pilot the first Girls Court in Washington State.  This 3-year pilot program will be evaluated by the Washington State Center for Court Research, and is designed to be an intervention model that can be expanded and replicated throughout the state and nationwide.

The Kitsap County Model
Kitsap County’s Girls Court program is a post-dispositional therapeutic court which provides services to young women on probation who pose a moderate to high risk to reoffend. These services are based on the latest research and provided by a highly-trained, all-female team.

Some key elements of Kitsap County’s model include:

  • Committed supportive adults, including Judge, probation counselor, case manager, & mentors
  • Weekly case staffing with entire girls court team, including case manager, probation counselor, prosecutor, & defense attorney
  • Small caseload of only female-identifying young people
  • Relational & supportive structure, including shared social activities, food, & meetings outside of court
  • Evidence based programming, including Functional Family Therapy, Aggression Replacement Training, and Relational Therapy
  • Trauma-informed programmingthrough partnership with Kitsap Strong 
  • Frequent & consistent group meetings, including hearings & group therapy
  • Support for cross-over youth, young people involved in both the juvenile justice & child welfare systems
  • Required Community Service for participants
  • ‘Provision of appropriate incentives & sanctions for program progress
  • Provision & requirement of health care & self-care
  • Educational programming & engagement support
  • Independent living services, including parenting & family support & employment training
  • Culturally competent mentorship, provided by OurGEMS

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