Keeping Kids in School

Activating education and justice communities to support youth in crisis

When kids start to disconnect from school, it’s a critical warning sign. Chronic absences are all too frequently the start of a path that leads straight to involvement in the juvenile justice system. Thousands of kids each year begin a journey on this “school-to-prison pipeline,” and we miss out on generations of leaders, innovators, educators, and entrepreneurs.

What We Do:

  • Supporting continuous learning for youth-serving agencies. Every year, the Becca Task Force hosts a two-day conference for school, juvenile court, legal, service provider, and other professionals to network and learn about the latest Becca-related research, law, policy, programs, and practices in Washington state and nationally.
    The 2020 Becca Conference will be held virtually October 19th – October 22nd.
    Click here for materials from the 2019 Becca Conference.
  • Fostering collaboration among youth-serving systems to improve support of truant youth. The Becca Task Force, staffed by CCYJ, provides a forum for the courts, schools, and service providers to share best practices on early intervention, community response, and coordinated reengagement. It supports research and training on proven models to meet the needs of youth and families in crisis.