Request for Qualifications

Community Assessment and Strategic Planning Services

OJJDP Comprehensive Gang Model

~ RFQ Details ~

The Center for Children & Youth Justice (CCYJ) is seeking applications from qualified providers of Community Assessment and Strategic Planning services. This is a 1-year project with a total budget of approximately $50,000.

CCYJ is a non-profit organization located in Washington State. Our Leadership, Intervention, & Change – LINC program implements with fidelity the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, Comprehensive Gang Model (CGM). (For more information about the CGM please visit the National Gang Center’s website). The LINC program brings together a community-wide, multi-jurisdictional, and multi-disciplinary coordinated effort to reduce youth gun violence and involvement of young people in groups/gangs in King County, Washington. Our project will work with up to 200 young people annually who are involved with, or at risk of involvement with, gangs and/or violence. LINC is currently funded in part by a 3-year Community Based Violence Intervention and Prevention Initiative (CVIPI) award from the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA).

We seek an Evaluation and Strategic Planning partner to 1. Update our existing Community Group/Gang Assessment and 2. Support the LINC Steering Committee to develop a new 3-Year Strategic Plan based on the Community Assessment update.

Community Assessment: The purpose of the Community Assessment is to understand the current nature, scope, and depth of group/gang activity in King County, Washington. (For more information regarding CGM Community Assessments please visit the National Gang Center’s Assessment Guide). We seek a qualified provider to update our existing comprehensive community group/gang problem assessment using multiple sources of information, including quantitative data and qualitative data from service providers, parents, youth, and community members and to provide information needed to develop strategic plans and design appropriate responses, including goals, objectives, and activities. The updated assessment will:

  • Identify current efforts to address group/gangs and support group/gang involved youth;
  • Identify most serious and prevalent group/gang related problems;
  • Determine potential factors contributing to identified group/gang problems;
  • Identify target groups for prevention, intervention, and suppression efforts;
  • Inform community mobilization efforts and identify community members who should be involved; and
  • Identify various organizational or systems issues that must be addressed to have a long term effect on the problem.

Strategic Planning: The qualified provider also will provide technical assistance to the LINC Steering Committee to:

  • Complete a new 3-Year Strategic Plan based on the updated community assessment;
  • Develop metrics for tracking Strategic Plan implementation;
  • Plan for annual Strategic Plan review and updates; and
  • Develop Action Plans for the 3-year project period.

Applicant Evaluation Criteria: Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Knowledge of and experience with the OJJDP Comprehensive Gang Model and/or community-based violence prevention and intervention programs (including gun violence) that intervene to break patterns of violence in the lives of those individuals at the highest risk of engaging in or becoming victims of violence;
  • Knowledge, understanding, and ability to provide data collection, analysis, assessment, and strategic planning services that are culturally and trauma responsive and incorporate the needs and perspectives of victims of community violence, including youth and young people;
  • Familiarity with or past work in King County, Washington;
  • Proven capacity to conduct/update a comprehensive community group/gang problem assessment using multiple sources of information, including collecting data and using existing available data, on schedule and on budget;
  • Proven capacity to support strategic planning; and
  • Proven capacity to provide monthly invoices and necessary backup documentation consistent with generally accepted accounting principles.

Submission Requirements

  • Agency name, address, email, phone, name/title of authorized representative, date of submission, signature;
  • Resume outlining experience;
  • Statement of ability to provide services outlined in RFQ and responses to applicant evaluation criteria; and
  • Budget outlining staffing and other project needs.


DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this RFQ and any information subsequently provided to applicants, whether verbally, written, or any other form by or on behalf of CCYJ is subject to the following terms and conditions: This RFQ is not an agreement and is neither an offer nor invitation from CCYJ to prospective applicants or any other person. The assumptions, assessments, statements and information contained in this RFQ, may not be complete, accurate, adequate or correct. Each applicant should, therefore, conduct its own investigations and analysis and should check the accuracy, adequacy, correctness, reliability and completeness of the assumptions, assessments and information contained in this RFQ. CCYJ accepts no liability of any nature, whether resulting from negligence or otherwise, arising from reliance of any applicant upon the statements contained in this RFQ. CCYJ may in its absolute discretion, but without being under any obligation to do so, update, amend or supplement the information, assessment or assumption contained in this RFP. The issue of this RFQ does not imply that CCYJ is bound to select an applicant and CCYJ reserves the right to reject all or any of the proposals without assigning any reasons whatsoever. The applicant shall bear all its costs associated with or relating to the preparation and submission of its proposal including but not limited to preparation, copying, postage, delivery fees, expenses associated with any demonstrations or presentations which may be required by CCYJ.