Better systems, better lives
 CCYJ advances justice for all children and youth through juvenile justice, child welfare, and related systems reform. We build unusual partnerships and bring innovative reforms that support kids, stabilize families, and strengthen our communities with sustainable change that affects generations. No other nonprofit organization in the state is working solely to reform our foster care and juvenile justice systems or is marshalling more collaboration to ensure lasting systemic reform. As a nonprofit charitable organization, we rely on the generosity of our community to ensure better systems and better lives for vulnerable children and youth in our state.

We believe…

… the children and youth of our state deserve systems of welfare and justice that fully support their needs.

… youth of color should have equal access to treatment and support programs instead of being diverted to the juvenile justice system more frequently than white youth.

… juveniles leaving incarceration should receive the tools to succeed, not set adrift to make it on their own.

… foster care should be a blessing, rather than a risk.

… a passion for justice and for kids – combined with research, funding, training, information and support – can be the impetus for real and lasting change.