2017 Washington State Becca Conference

Presentation Materials and Resources

WARNS Pre-Conference Session:

Day 1 Keynote: Understanding the Story Behind the Behavior:

Systems and Strategies to Increase Attendance and Reduce Chronic Absenteeism


“Seeds of Change: The Give Back Garden”: Thurston County Juvenile Court’s Restorative Justice Garden Project


Court Responsiveness and Gender Responsive Justice:

eQuality: Supporting LGBTQI+ Youth:

Responding to the Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking of Youth:

Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools (CBITS) Training with Cultural Competency Adaptation:

Day 2 Plenary Session: Reducing the Use of Secure Detention:

Reducing the Impact of Implicit Bias:

Engaging Elementary Families through CTBs and WARNS Assessment:

School Culture and Attendance: Native American Youth:

Ideas for Integrating Respite Care Alternatives:

Enhancing Systems of Care for Homeless Youth


The 360 Connection: Holistic Approach to Engaging Highly Traumatized Youth


Please contact becca@ccyj.org or call Kimberly Ong at 206-696-7503 x23 if you have any questions.