Supporting youth in achieving their goals

Gangs are not just a big city problem. School districts in King County report escalating problems with gangs and associated violence, drugs, and crime. It’s a threat to everyone who lives in those communities – and it’s a tragic waste of potential for the youth caught up in a world where their futures and lives are at risk. As the future leaders of our society, these youth deserve every opportunity to succeed.

The Center for Children & Youth Justice recognized the challenges of gang activity and created the Suburban King County Coordinating Council on Gangs (SKCCCG) in 2011. SKCCCG is the first multi-jurisdictional effort in the nation to use a proven model to address gang-involvement in a large region. Because no community is equipped to effectively reduce gang and youth violence alone, CCYJ brought together schools, law enforcement, policymakers, social service providers and other organizations to develop a coordinated and innovative approach to prevent violence, save lives and change the future for our communities.

Since its inception in 2011, the SKCCCG:

  • Conducted intensive research to better understand the scope of gang issues and fuel innovative ideas to address them
  • Developed uniform data collection tools to measure success
  • Established partnerships across King County to more efficiently share resources
  • Strengthened ongoing collaboration among agencies
  • Launched Youth LINC, a team of providers offering coordinated services to gang-involved and at-risk youth and families

Read a general fact sheet about the Council.

View PowerPoint slides from a community presentation, Kids, Communities and Gangs.

If you would like to schedule a community presentation, please email Anica Stieve or call her at 206-696-7503, ext. 20.