The Family Advocacy Center (FAC) employs a leading-edge service model to provide legal representation, social work services, and parent ally supports to stabilize families by preventing the unnecessary placement or prolonged stay of children in foster care.  The FAC team is multidisciplinary, comprised of an attorney, social worker, and parent ally (a veteran parent who has successfully navigated the child welfare system).  FAC keeps families together by strengthening a caretaker’s ability to provide for a child’s safety, permanence, and wellbeing.

Children placed in foster care often face life-long negative outcomes, such as homelessness, underemployment, incarceration, mental illness, addiction, and child welfare involvement with their own children- starting the cycle all over again.  These outcomes are not only devastating for youth and families, but costly to the community and already overburdened justice and child welfare systems.  By preventing children from entering foster care in the first place and addressing barriers to children exiting care, FAC has the potential to significantly improve the lives and futures of generations of kids, and to reduce child welfare and court expenditures.

The Family Advocacy Center opened its doors in April 2016 and works in collaboration with DSHS Children’s Administration.  FAC does not accept unsolicited referrals.