What You Can Do

Support Washington State’s Becca Laws

Without the Becca laws, it is possible that the population of truants, at-risk youth, and children in need of services in the State would be larger and the outcomes worse.

Speak to your Legislators.

The current level of Becca funding from the Washington State Legislature must continue in order to maintain existing oversight and accountability efforts, services and community-based alternatives that are successfully re-engaging kids in school and keeping them from entering the pipeline to prison. Ask your State Legislators to maintain Becca funding.

For a current roster of State Legislators, please click here.

Volunteer for a Local Truancy Reduction, At-Risk Youth, or Children in Need of Services Program.

It takes a village! Many local programs rely on community support. Volunteers are needed to serve on local community truancy boards, mentor truant and at-risk youth, and offer peer-to-peer support to parents.


Please contact us to find out how you might be able to donate to local Becca programs.