When CCYJ was founded in 2006, we had one mission: to reform the foster care and juvenile justice systems to improve the lives of generations of youth.  Ten years forward and our goal remains the same – to make sure that when children come into contact with these systems, their lives are better as a result.

To achieve this goal, we continually identify system gaps and pursue data driven, evidence-based methods to mend system breakages and create permanent, lasting change.  This can’t be accomplished with a singular effort – Washington’s juvenile justice and foster care systems are parallel and intersecting.  Our projects focus on different aspects of system youth experience, but not different kids.

CCYJ’s approach is:

  • Collaborative

    • We bring all stakeholders, including families and youth, to the table to plan and implement our reform efforts.

  • Data-driven

    • We research best and promising practices to inform our work.

  • Youth-centered

    • We respond to the urgent and critical needs articulated by our state’s most vulnerable youth, including their voices in our research, data collection, and project design.

  • Implementation-oriented

    • We change systems by building the capacity of systems professionals, elevating the standard of practice by using new approaches to ongoing issues, and providing training and technical support.

  • Unique

    • We carry out the research, pilot projects, advocate for policy changes, and secure grassroots engagements that make change possible.

Our projects are intended to have a start and finish that result in improved practices for system professionals, new treatments and interventions for providers, and statewide formalization of system change that produces positive outcomes.

Projects are deemed a success when CCYJ’s guidance is no longer required to ensure their continuity.  This happens when positive outcomes are measured and quantified and system change can be replicated across communities.